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The largest contributor to carbon pollution in the United States is emissions from fossil fuel burning power plants. Despite this, there is no national limit on pollution from these power plants. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports that our planet is undeniably changing. They also report that global warming, caused by humans, has been impacting the Earth. We can do better. President Obama and the EPA have taken the first step by proposing a standard for climate pollution from new power plants. Don’t let power plant industry leaders attack this important proposal. Show your support and help the U.S. transform dirty energy into a cleaner future.

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Put an End to Dirty Energy

Animal Rights

Our communities, our economy and our planet depend on us to make the right decision — it’s time that we took a stand against carbon pollution. It is unacceptable that in this day and age, America has no national limits on carbon pollution from existing fossil fuel-fired power plants. This means the largest source of carbon pollution in our country goes on unchecked — destroying the environment and putting our health at risk.

We need to support clean energy and also strike back against dangerous fossil fuel power plants. Let’s make a difference and create a greener future. Stand with The Environmental Defense Fund and show your support for strong carbon pollution standards!

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How the G20 subsidises exploration for fossil fuel  interactive

Emilio Cogliani

Governments from G20 countries are spending $88bn (£55.4bn) to subsidise the search for new oil, gas and coal reserves more than double the amount being spent by the top 20 private oil and gas companies. The UK, for example, is spending $664m for exploration in Russia, Brazil, India and Ghana among other nations, according to the Overseas Development Institute who gathered the data. Click on the buttons below to see where 10 selected countries are directing their funds in the search for fossil fuels

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El antisionismo es la oposición al sionismo que es un nacionalismo que forjó al Estado de Israel con la invasión, usurpación y expulsión del pueblo semita árabe palestino, bajo la jurisdicción de las Naciones Unidas desde 1948. Violando los derechos primarios de los palestinos y de los países vecinos pues la expansión del estado israelí ha llevado a próximo y medio oriente a un conflicto desde su llegada.

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